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So here it goes

So, I decided to start a blog. I’m not entirely sure what all it’ll entail, but I’m really excited to start sharing with whatever audience I garner. In the depths of my last bout of bad anxiety and depression, there was a part of me that wanted to be reach out everyone else and let people know that they weren’t alone and reassure myself that I wasn’t alone. So, thanks to seeing a lot of other strong and awesome women talking about their own problems, I decided to follow suit.

My goals for this blog are as follows:

  • Talk about my running, training and racing – I’m shooting for a BQ at Chicago this year and it’s going to be a tough journey, but one I’m hoping I’m up to this year.
  • Talk about mental illness/depression/anxiety and how it relates to running and my life in general as a graduate student. I want to help de-stigmatize, or, at the very least, talk to others about strategies that I use for self care when everything feels terrible.
  • Translate scientific articles on running (specifically how it relates to mental illness treatment, but also open to other ideas!) into something that other people can understand. I’m heading into the last few months of my PhD, and, while it’s in Biochemistry, I consider myself a professional learner and am looking forward to reading the scientific literature on something that is not related to what I think about on a daily basis! I have really enjoyed all the outreach I’ve done as a graduate student in explaining scientific concepts to people in terms they’ll actually understand. I hope it’s helpful for all my readers, and I’m always open to suggestion if there are articles out there people are curious about.
  • Probably also some talk about beer, I’m really passionate about it and love to talk about it, so I’m sure that will leak over onto the blog as well.

With that – here goes nothing. Thanks for reading!